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iPod (classic or nano)

  • Jigsaw listening - this is when there are for example four iPods each with different information on it. The members of the group each listen to an iPod then they come together as a group afterwards and discuss the different bits of information, putting all the pieces of the jigsaw back together. For example, you could have a few sentences recorded and then the students have to put them back in order. Or there could be one or two items of new vocab on each iPod and the students then teach each other the new words and put them into a sentence.
  • recorded lessons - get the students to make some lessons for each other or for another year level. To find more information on how to make podcasts, go to this page. Things to consider when making audio lessons:
    • Keep it fairly short or the kids get confused with too many new words.
    • Encourage them throughout the lesson to speak out loud
    • Have plenty of pauses to give them chances to say the words
    • You can get them to respond by creating recordings of their own - either on the computer or with their phones!
    • If you'd really like to, you can listen to a whole bunch of lessons I've made (not all of them good!) here at technoChinese.
  • use the iPod with a microphone attached to get students to record themselves and each other
  • create quizzes with iQuiz Maker
  • getting students to watch videos you have downloaded or they have collected for each other.

To change video to a format that will work on your iPod you can use Zamzar file converter. (It's also handy for downloading videos from YouTube).

Students using iPods for Chinese:

See the iPod Touch and iPad page for ideas on using these devices.

Go to this page to find out more about podcasting - what it is and how to do it:



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Image: 'Mi iPod con vídeo' from www.flickr.com/photos/41999914@N00/387137147