iPads & iPod Touches

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Languages Classroom With Untethered Jailbreak.

iPod Touch

All of the ideas on the iPods page can work on the iPod Touch, PLUS -
  • lots of language learning apps - flashcards and games
  • taking photos an labelling them using an app called LabelBox = these images can then be used for revision in another class

Pics of QR Codes and iPads being used in my classroom

Useful links for iPod Touch information and resources:

New iPad
Classroom iPod Touches Dos and Donts
Interesting Ways to use an iPod Touch in the classroom
Creating Podcasts and Narrated Slideshows in your hand

Lists of Language Learning Apps


Creating Apps For Apple, Android and Windows Smartphones

The App Code is a new program founded by Amish Shah where anyone can create apps
for smart phones. You can create 100 apps for Apple, Android or Windows for free and get a massive amount of downloads the day they are released. Using this strategy Amish has recently sold his company for $1.95 million dollars. Watch the app code free one hour webinar now on his strategy.


This guide may help you get started - with some step by step instructions on how to use an iPad and change the keyboard languages. I created it for Chinese language teachers, but just replace the instances where it says 'Chinese' with whatever language you are teaching:

Also here is a list of my bookmarks tagged 'ipad' in Diigo: http://www.diigo.com/user/jessmcculloch/ipad

Also here is the best place online to win an ipad - www.winanipadx.com Blog entry.