Interactive Whiteboards

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Languages Classroom

One of the major criticisms of interactive whiteboards is that they lend themselves to a very teacher-centred classroom. Well, only if that's the only way you can think of to use it! IWBs can be great group work tools. Here are some ideas:

  • have a group of students (4 is a comfortable number) working at the board practicing writing characters or words. Have them record their work with the screen recording tool for you to look at later.
  • students on the computers could be creating IWB files for other groups of students to complete
  • the IWB group could be working on an audio translation or wordfind activity. You can find out how to create that here: http://iwbchallenge.wikispaces.com/Task+1
and here are a couple of examples of it from my classroom:

Audio Wordfind on the SMARTBoard

Audio Translations on the SMARTBoard

The Reasons Why Interactive Whiteboards Are Being Attacked by Emily Starr from Starrmatica Learning Systems

Interested in improving your IWB skills? Then I challenge you to take part in the The 2010 IWB Challenge

Stages of IWB Use

If you'd like some more informaiton and links to resources for IWBs, have a look at this wiki. It's for history teachers initially, but most of the information will be moved to this wiki at some point.


Got some IWB ideas to share? How do you use the IWB in group work activities?

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Learning a language: How CIT's English language students use technology in the classroom
This video explores how teachers at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) are using IWBs in classes of adult students studying English as a second language

It was made in 2005, but we have only just put it on our website - http://cit.edu.au/future/cit_tv#learning-a-language - so I'm keen to share!
- Lesley lesley.cioccarelli@cit.edu.au

Image: 'Reflected light Smartboard' from www.flickr.com/photos/74849357@N00/3047587490