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Group Collaborative Projects

An example of a successful online collaborative project for languages students:

The Lunch Box Project saw students take pictures of what they had for lunch and share them with a partner class in Turkey and one in China. This project was for Grades 2 and 3 students, although the students in Turkey were in Grade 1 and the class in China was an English language class made up of students from different year levels of primary school. Each class had their own page where they uploaded images and videos they created. The other classes then recorded a comment about their videos etc, and posted this below. You can see an example of that here. One of the aims of the project was for the students to create their slideshows or videos in their own language as well as the language they were learning - for example the class in Turkey used Turkish and then English to present their lunches. The Australian students particularly enjoyed a slideshow the Turkish class created where they had to figure out what the turkish words were. The Australian students then recorded what they thought the correct translations were and uploaded that underneath the Turkish students presentation. You can see and listen to that on this page.

The overall aim of the Lunch Box Project was for my young students to see that students in other countries learn a different language too, as well as to interact with students from another country. I wanted them to also be keen to show that they learn a second language, what that was and how they were going with it. I had set out certain vocabulary I wanted them to learn, and we did that through flashcard games and other activities in class.

Due to the age of the students and the restrictions of class time, it was me who did the video editing, the putting together of the slideshows and all of the uploading to the wiki. Older students would be perfectly capable of doing all of this themselves, meaning less work for the teacher.

The Lunch Box Project was one of the first collaborative projects I ran and so there were a lot of things I learnt from it. Here are a few things I would do differently next time:
  • had more structured introductory tasks
  • had clearer goals at the beginning to make sure that all classes presented in two languages
  • created a more definite 'end' to the project
  • made assessment a more integral part

Examples of other online collaborative projects:

Little Language Experts (another one of mine) - class from Australia and a class from New Zealand. Students teaching each other the second language they were learning at school.
Voices of the World - connecting children all over the world using their voices by completing different monthly tasks
Flat Classroom Project - a huge award winning project run by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis.
Student Blogging Challenge run by Sue Wyatt in Tasmania.
Flat World Tales - an international story writing project

This list comes courtesy of Carolyn Foote, a teacher librarian in Austin Texas:
The Alice Project
Whole New Mind
Comparing Hemispheres Project
Poetry Collaboration (middle school)
Monster Project (elementary)


Do you know of some online collaborative projects that others would be interested in looking at? It doesn't have to be a language learning project as we can get examples and ideas from lots of places and then change it to be a language learning activity.

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