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I had a few desktop computers in my classroom so I never had to book computer time which was great. There were 4 machines and so I often used them as part of a group work activity.

  • If the computer/s have the IWB software installed, kids in this group could be making files for the class or another small group to use later
  • students could be working on a photostory or making a recording with Audacity that would later go on to the iPods for other groups to listen to
  • students could use some of the Tools for Introducing New Language to make activities for other students
  • students could be working on any number of Web 2.0 tools - Cool Tools for School is a great wiki that has HEAPS of Web 2.0 applications for you to look at all categorised. But to get you started, here is a list of Web 2.0 tools with a bit of a description of what they are and how you might use them in your languages classroom

What do you get your students to do when they sit at a computer? What are you getting them to create? What Web 2.0 tools have you liked using in your classroom?

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