Take a moment to think about what your goal is...

Before we move into any conversations about technology, let's take a few moments to have a think about where we are in regards to what we want for our students. The learning that we help to create for them is not about the technology at all, so what is it that we do want for our students? Then, we can find the technology that will help us to achieve our goals.

To get you thinking, watch one of these videos then complete the activity below:

There is a lot to take in in these videos. Lots of deep statements about learning and teaching with technology in the 21st century. Take a moment or two to sit and think about it then, using
Using write a Facebook status update (i.e no more than two SHORT sentences or 140 characters and including your name) about YOUR thoughts/feelings/learnings after watching these two videos, then add your update to the table below. Make sure it is a statement about what you will or want to do - not what you want others to do. I've filled out the first one as an example.
(You could turn this into an activity in your LOTE classroom where students have to write a response in the same style they would use on Facebook, but in the target language).

Jess McCulloch hopes that she can create a environment that has lots of options for students to be creative with Chinese and lets them find out how to learn language for themselves.
Sharon Hirst would love to create interactive classrooms utilising interactive technology and all ICT options available at school. She would love the students to teach her how they could use these technologies to improve their interaction with LOTE/languages.

Image: 'Malinconia. L'ultima partitella (the last match of+the+summer)'