Web Tools

for the

Languages Classroom

There are thousands of different Web 2.0 tools out there that do all sorts of different things. Image tools, video tools, animation tools, research tools, writing tools - you name it, and there is probably an application that can do it. The best place to go is to a wiki called Cool Tools For Schools which has extensive lists of tools categorised by type (audio tools, music tools etc). But if you would like some shorter lists to start with and some language-classroom-specific suggestions on what to do with them, then have a browse through these sections on this page.

It can be overwhelming when you are faced with new tools. You need to know what to expect from them. Here is a checklist of questions that you might like to use when you are looking at a new Web 2.0 tool. Hopefully these questions will help you to learn what to expect from these tools - once you know what to expect from one, then you will start knowing what to look for in the next one you come across.

What to ask when learning a new Web 2.0 tool:
    • what does it let you do?
    • what can you upload?
    • how can you share what you've made? embed? email? post to where? download?
    • what options are there in the settings menu?
    • what information is in the help section?
    • are there any video tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere?
    • how do you sign up? could you use one account for all the students or would they have to have their own?
    • is there a mobile/app version?
    • how could you integrate it with another tool?
    • which aspect of language learning will it most suit?



Digital Storytelling

To find a great range of tools, check out: Cool Tools For Schools

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