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Evaluation questions

A 2. Questions for Textbook Evaluation

Working in pairs or threes, choose one of the following elements of your textbook to focus on for this activity, then discuss the questions in your group. If you don't have a textbook with you, then use the PSPL examples.

1. Vocab Lists
2. Text and Vocab
3. Exercises
4. Comprehension of Text
5. Culture
6. Summary and Vocab
  • How are the vocab lists organised?
  • Why?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches for the learners in the short term and in the longer term?
  • What are the text types used and for whom are they intended? Why?
  • In what context of culture/use?
  • What would learners learn about communicating from these texts? How would you assume the vocab list is organised? How does this benefit learners in the long term?
  • What sort of response is required from learners? What are they required to do?
  • Is there flexibility for them to create their own responses?
  • How authentic are the phrases presented?
  • What value do these exercises have for students in the longer term?
  • What sort of questions are being asked? Do they require deeper levels of understanding from learners?
  • Is there any discussion of the audience of the text?
  • What opportunities do learners have to respond to the text?
  • How is the text scaffolded to cater for differing abilities?
  • How is the information in this section being connected to the learners' life worlds?
  • How is culture presented here?
  • What does this section teach about language use?
  • How is the language presented here? (lists of...etc)
  • How are students encouraged to interpret and create language for their own purposes?
  • Are the linguistic elements presented useful? Are they contextualised?
  • What would learners learn about communicating from this information?

Unit planner for starting with a textbook and moving beyond