ICT Planner

for the

Languages Classroom

Think about the sorts of things you would like to do with ICT in your Languages classroom.This planner has been written to help you set yourself some goals. Use it in a way that best suits you. You can read it here on this page, but download a copy to your own computer if you would like to fill it out.

SECTION A: Discuss these questions with your table group
What ICT resources have you used in your classroom?

From an intercultural perspective, how did it promote:
active construction of learning/ideas
making connections with prior learning, new knowledge, across languages and cultures
interaction between learners/users of the language
reflection on language learning and use
responsibility for learning and for appropriate communication across cultures ?

What ICT resources (equipment and programs)
do you have access to: Personally? At school? What do your students have access to?

What opportunities could you create for your students: to ENGAGE with ICT? to CREATE with ICT?

How would this enhance your teaching of your language?

What technology would you like to incorporate into your classroom/lessons?

What technology do your students prefer? What implications does this have for your teaching?

What ideas for ICT projects do you currently have?

Set yourself some goals for your use of ICT in your classrooms. Start small and build up, but do challenge yourself.
By the end of next week:
Resources (including how you will get help if needed):
By the start of Term 3:
Resources (including how you will get help if needed):
By the end of Term 3:
Resources (including how you will get help if needed):
J McCulloch 2008

Image: 'Which Way Now'