Digital Storytelling

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Languages Classroom

More coming on this topic soon - but meanwhile, here are some tools for you to play with:

· Allows us to make slideshows and share with others
· Pictures, videos and music can be added
· Students create their own slideshows
· Share slideshows in a public place
Create online Posters

Storybird is used as a classroom storytelling tool. It is shared in a public library, it is screened to weed out inappropriate stuff. They are working on a teacher account so kids don’t need emails to log on. You can embed it in blogs and wikispace pages.
Storybird would be great to make Indonesian stories to share with the whole school. You could start a story and get students to complete it – students can also invite others to collaborate with them on the story. Great for all different levels. Varying artwork and themes available. Good for uppers to make books for juniors.
Zooming presentation editor

Alan Levine's list of 50 different digital storytelling tools:

Image: 'Encadré (Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro)'